Casa do Castanheiro
Pedreira, Nordeste


The 'Casa do Castanheiro' house

The House "Casa do Castanheiro" is a centennial house of the first to be built in this part of the place of the Quarry, in the county of the Northeast, namely in the local Ashtray that gives the name to the nearest street, in the past was where the locals made charcoal from the firewood collected in the surrounding woods, intended to be sold door to door for cooking and heating.

This sunny house is built in stone in the typical architectural style of S. Miguel, with ground floor, oven open top ridge to allow the exit of smoke, stone bench with roof in regional mud tile.

Situated on top of the hill in a privileged place is the last house before the mountain, allowing to enjoy fabulous views of the sea, moonlight that makes the sea look silver, and the mythical sunrise at this end of the island.

Its location allows you to enjoy an interaction with the nature that surrounds it without winters, it is possible to enjoy a privacy almost unique in the days that take place.

Access to it is done through a century-old road, with the house about 80 meters from the current street, this location allows the absence of traffic near the house or even people.

With the recovery started in August 2018, this house was equipped with a new body where two double bedrooms and a bathroom were built, the material used was reinforced concrete to give a feeling of rusticity compatible with the stone of the original body recreating a typical structure, the Guarnel, where in the past cereals were kept off the ground to prevent access of rodents and others.

The connection between the old and the new body was made through a concrete corridor behind the chestnut tree, which gives the name to the house, this centennial tree being preserved in the middle of the house, proportioning with its magnificent canopy in the days in summer a freshness and sensation of being the house inserted in the bosom of the nature that takes us to stay leaning in an afternoon of sun to see the sea and to relax.

The house in its interior is all designed to provide the greatest possible comfort to the guests through its filling, both the materials used in its construction and the cryptomeric wood from the forests of the island itself.

This wood of cryptomeria is very present inside the dwelling so it is one of the most common materials, being present in the ceilings, the kitchen, the built-in cabinets, and the common room which leads to an excellent energy efficiency besides promoting an ecological exploration of this natural recrudescence given its ease of rapid growth.

The floor of the villa is all in pine wood, reinforcing the comfort of the interior coupled with part of the walls and ceiling in cryptomeric we can say that this combination takes our senses to a sensory experience with materials of natural origin to remember the past.

The house has all the latest appliances, wifi in all divisions, cable TV, a salamander located in the living room, all kitchen equipment, double glazing, insulation throughout the house, wardrobes and cabinets built into the bedrooms.

Outside the house has a swimming pool with leisure area equipped with benches with capacity for five people, where clients can indulge in a drink to watch the sea or the moonlight and receive a massage of water in the back through jets built into the pool .

There is also the possibility of heating water up to 29 degrees Celsius through an innovative system, through an electric heat pump that allows a much higher energy efficiency than traditional heating mechanisms that use fossil energies or even pellets. This feature has an extra cost of 20€ per night.

This leisure area also has a solarium with sun loungers in a deck area on one side and grass in the rest area, a shower to support the pool, a large garden with lighting, nightlife, and a barbecue area next to it a bench with electricity and water as well as lighting.

Each bed room has access to the exterior from the same, one of them to the north has access to a small interior garden with lighting, a traditional bank in farm stone. The south facing room leads out to the chestnut tree and later the courtyard in front of the house, the two bedrooms have windowed doors with mirrored glass that allows you to see outside without being seen inside.

In front of the main door of the house there is a stone patio where it is possible to enjoy a meal looking at the sea at sunset or having a drink reading a book, or just listening to the birds.

In the house there is no gas, all energy needs are suppressed by electric power, whether it be for cooking or heating the water.

Guests are offered cleaning and towel change if they wish.

The "Casa do Castanheiro" in the back of the property also has a machine service area and a terrace on the upper landing behind the villa, with a citrus farm with 700 m.

Thus, the "Casa do Castanheiro" combines the comfort that modernity provides us with the history and architecture of the ancestors in a communion with the environment that surrounds it, in an area of 1500 m2, destined exclusively to customers who book in a service that is wants exclusive of great quality.



Located in a charming place, where you have the privilege of seeing the sunrise, where the blue sea and the green of the hills blend. Creating a unique environment where you can feel the pure and fresh air of the sea and mountains.


The Azores

In the immensity of the blue Atlantic Ocean Mother Nature created a land full of natural beauty and unexplored: The Azores.

The Azores is an archipelago that lies on the ocean North Atlantic between the 36th and 43 north latitude and 25 and 31 west longitude. Part of the biogeographic region of Macaronesia, consists of nine main islands divided into three groups: Western Group - Corvo and Flores, the Central Group - Faial, Graciosa, Pico, Sao Jorge and Terceira and the eastern group consists of the islands of Santa Maria and São Miguel. All the islands are of volcanic origin.

The east Santa Maria with its clear and warm sandy beaches and São Miguel, the largest island, with its lakes and hot springs. In the central group of Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, Faial and Graciosa have gracefully into the blue sea where whales and dolphins lurk making the delight of visitors. In the western group, the island of Flores dazzles us with the beauty of its natural waterfalls and ponds dug by volcanoes. Corvo, the smallest island, has at its center a beautiful large crater that attracts species of birds coming not only from the European continent, but also in the Americas. All the islands have beautiful and green landscapes at any time of year. The islands are also very flowery and mainly found azaleas and hydrangeas in every corner of the islands.
The most important crops are tea, tobacco, potato and sugar beet. The islands have many features and, as might be expected, people use a very important: the sea. Then they bring a wide variety of fish thus making the delight of lovers of a good plate of fish. These are the Azores, nine islands, nine small worlds where the beauty of the islands and friendliness of the locals is shared by all. "Trails in the Azores": Whether you are a lover quiet walks or an adrenaline junkie the Azores have more than 60 walking routes with all the conditions to walk safely. Be adventurous and discover the places of each island.

About Nordeste

The Nordeste by many referred to as the most beautiful and flowery municipality of the island of S. Miguel, is located on the north coast of the island. Known until recently there as the tenth island, and called for northeast have face this wind was so long the most developed media that came to be dubbed Africa São Miguel.

Today distinguished as the most flowery municipality of Portugal, breaks through boundaries to rub shoulders with a third place several European countries.
What once was a painful and far walk today thanks to the construction of new roads to get to this place of election, quiet liturgy and the look is done in less than an hour. The Northeast tracks progress with enthusiastic participation while keeping alive the passion and wit by the dazzle of its pristine and untouched landscape, marked by fiery strength of its origins, which derives from the diversity of terrain, extensions and varied slopes, sometimes shaped cliffs and hills, sometimes deep streams, found, gorges, valleys and ravines. Here live primordial depths where they hide secrets. Imposing and yet, cozy, towering and sobranceio the sea that it is in the background, turns this county to the land where in the midst of pure magic stands as sanctuary to more luxuriant vegetation where confuse the primitive flora ( laurels, cedars, beech, holly, heather, tamuje, ...) with the recent exotic flora and practically reduced here will most famous and noble tree of azores today- criptoméria. And it is in dense woods that houses the PRIOLO, this bird in danger of extinction but now protected, that another site not want but this touched by the magnetic force of the first morning glow, where only whisper dreams and a melody that emanates there from Priolo corner and vegetation wears magic and epic.

This is also where is located the stick Peak, highest point of the island, with about 1100 meters. Its relief is mountainous, cut by streams that slide between vegetation. It incorporates an endemic and vegetation typical of Macaronesia, as well as a whole range of rare flora and great value. The peak of the stick serves as natural viewpoint with a panoramic view of much of the island of São Miguel highlighting the plateau of Graminhais, green peak, the Tronqueira mountains and further south one can see the boiler slopes and hollows the wooden water saws and wanton west.
The county of Nordeste, full of lush natural beauty, still has a beautiful architectural heritage with monuments such as churches, chapels, the iconic viaduct of seven arches and the beautiful building of the town hall dating from the century. XIX, among others.
The Nordeste is also known for having the most beautiful gardens and manicured streets where flowers seem to bloom every corner, inviting us to enjoy a nice relaxing walk.
Land with a long agricultural tradition, livestock and fishing, the Nordeste keeps its good living heritage, as is visible in the Ethnographic Museum or the Northeast workhouse which functions as a center and craft shop. In fact, the craft has always had an important role in several works of lace, embroidery and the well-known loom.
Old mills run serpentine the many streams in the Northeast.

Points of interest

  • Chapel of "Nossa Senhora do Rosário"
  • Chapel of "S. Sebastião"
  • Chapel of "Nossa Senhora da Mãe de Deus"
  • Chapel of "Nossa Senhora da Nazaré"
  • Botanical Garden of "Ribeira Do Guilherme"
  • Belvedere of "Ponta da Madrugada"
  • Belvedere of "Ponta do Sossego"
  • Belvedere of "vista dos Barcos"
  • Belvedere "despe-te que suas"
  • Mountain range of "Tronqueira"
  • Lighthouse of "Arnel"
  • Natural park of "Ribeira dos Caldeirões" and of "Guilherme"
  • "Lombo Gordo" and "Fajã" beaches
  • Natural swimmingpool "Boca da Ribeira"
  • Municipal museum of Nordeste - has an important ethnographic collection including household equipment, costumes, agricultural implements, transport, the complete collection of an old desfilaria, combine harvester Baler set with steam engine.
  • Natural park of "cancela do cinzeiro"

Among many other nooks and crannies all of them full of beautiful landscapes that will leave you filled with beautiful memories.



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4 People 310 Euros 350 Euros 250 Euros 280 Euros 280 Euros


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2. If the reservation request is made and confirmed in less than 48 hours before check-in, the previous point also applies, with the difference that the payment should occur in a shorter period than 24 hours.
3. Methods of payment accepted: Bank transfer or Paypal.
4. If the customer chooses the bank transfer payment method, it is strictly necessary to send us (by email) the proof of this transfer.

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2. If the guest cancels the stay less than 90 days and up to 15 days in advance we will issue a voucher worth 50% of the reservation, which can be used within 2 years.
3. If the guest cancels the stay less than 15 days in advance there will be no refund. If the guest arrives and decides to leave early there will be no refund.



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